Customs Information

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Goods Documents Required Customs Prescriptions Remarks
Removal goods
  • Original OBL or AWB
  • Inventory list
  • Passport
  • Job certification
  • Visa or certificate specifying that a visa is being processed, signed by a Lawyer.
  • No special requirements as long as goods are USED ..
    Diplomats removals
  • Original OBL or AWB
  • Inventory list
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Allowed free importation without undergoing examination. The embassy or the corresponding agency involved must present the petition to the Department of Foreign Affairs. The exonerated customs settlement must be presented in order to withdraw the merchandise for delivery to client. ..
    Wedding trousseaux
  • Passport
  • Original purchase invoice
  • OBL or AWB
  • Marriage certificate
  • If USED, no restrictions exist. If new, it is possible that the goods may require a tax payment. ..
    Inheritance An inventory certified by a Notary and shipment documents.
    These are subject to taxation according to the Inspector's appraisal. ..
    New furniture & household goods.
  • Original purchase invoice
  • Passport
  • As a new article, is subject to payment of tax as appraised by the inspector. ..
    Works of Art, Antiques.
  • Passport
  • OBL or AWB
  • Original purchase invoice
  • If the shipment is maritime or by air freight, the following documents are needed:

    Commercial invoice, OBL or AWB.
    Taxes must be paid if incomplete documentation is presented, and is subject to undergoing inspection at customs.
    Precious metal objects (Jewelry, Coins, etc.)
  • OBL or AWB
  • Packing or inventory list
  • commercial invoice
  • Subject to payment of import tax. It is NOT recommended to send these objects together with the rest of the shipment, as a risk of loss exists.
    Household appliances, Electrical appliances.
  • Passport
  • Lawyer letter of certification
  • Letter of certification from the clients employing company
  • Packing list
  • OBL or AWB
  • If used, no particular prerequisite. All documents presented must be originals. All new articles are subject to taxation. ..
    Presents, Souvenirs Same as "Household appliances"
    Subject to payment of import taxes. ..
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Inventory
  • OBL or AWB
  • If used, there are no particular requirements if sent as part of the shipment. If new, subject to payment of import tax. ..
    Motor vehicles and other vehicles (motorcycles, water vehicles).
  • Passport
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Original Certificate of Title and other documents of auto
  • OBL
  • The vehicle must be taken to the main customs office in order to be appraised. All documents presented must be originals. If documents pertaining to the vehicle are not the originals, a surcharge of 5% of the value of the car as estimated by customs, is applied.
    Machines, appliances, spare parts. Same as "Works of Art"
    An import tax must be paid in order to withdraw the machine or spare parts. ..
    Wine Same as "Removal Goods"
    Subject to import taxation if more than 6 bottles per shipment ..
    Alcohol Does not require any documents if it is included with personal effects and is in reasonable amounts.
    (See also "Removal Goods")
    Subject to payment of tax.
    Import tax must be paid if the alcohol is shipped in large quantities and separate from the personal effects.
    Tins and food. Same as "alcohol".
    .. Also subject to approval from Ministry of Health.
    Arms, ammunition, dangerous objects. Authorization from pertinent authorities.
    Arms importation is very restricted and importation of ammunition and dangerous objects is prohibited. Importation is NOT recommended.
    Medicines, Narcotics, drugs. See "Removal Goods"
    Authorization from the Ministry of Health and other legal departments, such as the Department Of Agriculture Development.
    Importation of drugs and narcotics is PROHIBITED.
    Plants .. Previous authorization must be granted by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario).
    Restricted, even PROHIBITED.
    It is best not to include plants with household goods.
    Importation is NOT recommended.
    Cats & dogs
  • AWB or OBL
  • Certificate of Health
  • Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Authorization of importation granted by Ministry of Agriculture.
  • .. Subject to a 40 day quarantine period.
    Other animals. Same as "Cats & dogs"